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Intraoral smooth lifting

Er:YAG laser is applied through the inside of your mouth. This causes intraoral collagen stimulation inside and outside. With this through and through stimulation, you get the plumping effect and can immediately see the nasolabial folds go away. It gives you a lift without any surgery, downtime or injections.

  • Tightens skin deeply from the inside out
  • Plumps like filler but longer lasting
  • Lifts the cheeks and corners of the mouth
  • Restore volume to diminish nasolabial folds
  • Results often seen instantly
  • Comfortable and no downtime
  1. Safe
  2. Non-invasive requiring no special patient preparation or anesthesia
  3. No downtime
  4. No adverse effects
  5. Effective with excellent immediate and medium-term effects

Price: $200

Fotona 2D Piano skin tightening

Fotona 2D Piano skin tightening refers to the use of both SmoothLiftin and Piano. This is a non-surgical “facelift” procedure which revitalizes the face from the inside out—results are similar to those which you may experience with dermal fillers, but last much longer. For reference, dermal fillers such as Juvederm, while effective for some patients, typically need to be readministered within a year. Piano skin tightening with Fotona stimulates the body’s natural supply of collagen, which results in a tightening effect on the skin for the face (and other areas of the body as well—the face is the most popular).

Price: $350