So exciting!!!! Ideal Body Clinic, now has a new method of injections called MicroTox®. It is a new use of Botox®, a method of injection that accelerates the effects producing an instant tightening and lifting result. Botox is known to be effective by freezing the muscles, which in turn smooths the skin out and reduces movement in the treated area. However Microtox, will allow your muscles to relax, but they won’t be completely frozen!!! Yay! So no need to worry about your face feeling a bit frozen, because this time you will be able to make facial expressions and even have minimally noticeable wrinkles, a natural look.

Great Botox® treatments for those who do not want people wondering if they had any injections done, subtle and natural!

Not a time consuming procedure, no recovery or down time and instant results since it is really small amounts of Botox injected in many small areas. But, of course final results will come in the following week.

Can achieve:
-Eyelid lifting
-Under Eye Crepiness
-Cheek Crepiness
-Facial Tightening
-Facial Flushing
-Jaw Contouring
-Neck Tightening
-Décolletage Tightening
Super Special!!! 360$ only!

For more info please call @ 514998099 or send us a message!