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Mono Threads and PDO threads

It is likely that you have heard about different techniques for face lifting, including dissolvable threads which are injected under the skin and which are used to physically lift sagging skin. However, people do not realize that many types of thread exist. There are different kinds of PDO threads; they include those with barbs on them, which are referred to as cog threads. These threads are used for lifting skin that may need to be lifted physically.

PDO threads dissolve under the skin, since it is a protein that the body metabolizes and should be disposed of by itself. Mono threads are threads without barbs that are used to rejuvenate and re-volumize your skin.  Which one is best for you depends on specialists’ opinions. However, regardless of which one you choose, this procedure is minimally invasive, and will heal after 2 weeks. You may notice a bit of swelling which is a normal healing process.

It is common for patients to notice results up to 1 year after treatments because the collagen production process occurs through the healing process over a period of 6 months. Your body works to produce collagen without injecting hyaluronic acid for a year or 1 year and a half. Essentially, you reverse the time and trick your body’s biological clock.

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