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New LPG machine

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10 treats – 650$
One of the key benefits of LPG is its ability to address cellulite, a common concern for many
individuals. The targeted rolling and suction action work to break down fat deposits, resulting in
smoother and firmer skin. This not only enhances the aesthetic appeal but also boosts confidence and
body image.

Beyond its cosmetic benefits, LPG massage offers therapeutic advantages as well. The stimulation of
the lymphatic system helps in eliminating toxins from the body, reducing water retention and promoting
a healthier immune system. The improved circulation aids in relieving muscle soreness and tension,
making it an excellent choice for those leading an active lifestyle or experiencing chronic pain.
The ability of the healthy immune system to kill certain cells, while decreasing the number of T cells,
for an improvement in the body’s overall immune function. In this study, 20 HIV-positive men received
five 45-minute massages a week, for one month. Participants showed both an increase in serotonin and in
the cells that make up the immune systems initial defense against infection and disease.

No one can deny the restorative power of massage.
In addition to the serotonin release, other studies involved 52 healthy pregnant women whose
hypothesis was to show the immune benefits of massage. The women were divided into two groups:
one receiving 70 minutes of massage with 2% lavender essential oil every two weeks, the other no
massage at all. The researchers found that the group receiving oil massage showed a significant
reduction in cortisol levels and an improvement in levels of other immune markers. According to the
researchers, this study presents evidence that massage could significantly reduce stress and improve
immune function in pregnant women. We infer that these findings may guide clinicians or midwives in
providing massage to women throughout pregnancy.

So, reducing pain, depression, anxiety and stress, while boosting our immunity. All of these have an
effect on our mental and physical well-being. Pain affects our lives and our quality of life. Massage is
known to help reduce pain by increasing blood flow, reducing inflammation parameters and overall
muscle tension.