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PDO Threads (rhinoplasty)

You may have heard of thread lifts being used for a non-surgical face lift. This is a pretty similar treatment except that it targets the nose. Threads, also known as dissolvable surgical sutures, are strategically inserted just below the surface of the skin in order to lift the tip and straighten the nose.

It’s important to keep in mind that the thread lift nose job can’t do everything, so you really do need to be the right candidate for it. The thread lift nose job can re-shape and/or re-position the tissue in the area of the nose in order to achieve the desired result, but it can’t modify your nose structure, meaning it can’t make your nose smaller, for instance. For that and other structural concerns like it you would need to consider surgical rhinoplasty.

The transformation that’s achieved with a thread lift nose job is a subtle correction as opposed to significantly refining the shape of the nose or improving issues with breathing, amongst other concerns

The procedure uses synthetic and dissolvable threads made from a complex sugar named PDO (polydioxanone). This medical-grade suture material is non-allergic, completely biodegradable, and absorbable, meaning the body absorbs the PDO threads over time.

The temporary specialized threads designed for nose lifts, called the MINT Tip Thread threads, are often barbed to stay firmly in place and better grip the below tissue, pulling the skin taut.

Indeed, the threads act as a scaffolding structure, helping contour and re-shape the nose to get the desired results. The threads are inserted to create a pyramid formation that supports and shifts the nasal tissues. This is the lift part of the procedure.