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Suffering from acne? AviClear is the solution

AviClear is the only and first health Canada approved acne laser treatment. It’s technology helps down regulates sebum production by using the power of laser light to selectively target and suppress each sebaceous gland, which is the main cause of acne. After the treatment, you will produce less oil, and your acne will get better and stay better. AviClear is done without medication and has outdone Accutane. In 2022, The cosmopolitan nominated AviClear the best laser treatment for acne. Only 3 treatments are needed, for long term results. It is a treatment that is suitable for all skin types and every case of acne (severe or mild). In AviClear clinical studies, 90% of patients responded to treatment, 87% achieved at least 50% acne clearance and 76% were satisfied of the results 6 months after their treatments. AviClear has a skin cooling system and smart sensors to maximize the patients comfort and safety during the 30 minutes treatment. Therefore, it is safe fast and easy to use. To welcome this amazing revolutionary machine, our Clinic is having a promotion (3 treatments for 3200$ instead of 3840$) until Decmber 17th 2022. So come and book your appointment now to be clear of acne on the long term!!!

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