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About Ideal Body Clinic

Learn about the Ideal Body Clinic brands and services in the Montreal area. Our former clinic websites, including are now a part of Our team is made up of certified beauticians, naturopaths and doctors. Most treatments are covered by private massage therapy and/or naturopathic insurance. Prices vary depending on the number of treatments taken.
Re-branding of Ideal Body Clinic logo and brand identity

The Ideal Body family in Quebec

At our medical aesthetics clinic and spa, we go beyond what is on the surface—we improve your health. With the most advanced technology and 30+ years of experience, we will restore firmness and smoothness to your face and body so you can look as good as you feel! We also offer education opportunities, health and beauty supplements, cosmetic and products, and more.
Do you like specials? Because we love 'em!
Unlike other medical aesthetic clinics, we maintain the lowest prices in Montreal so we can keep your best interests at the heart of everything we do. We also run specials every season so our friends (long-time and new) can experience the benefits of different treatments and enjoy sustainable beauty!

4 Cycles of Emsculpt NEO

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Profound Skin Rejuvenation

For only $2 450!

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Russian Lips

For only $500!

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This is your Ideal Body Clinic

Ideal Body Clinic, is a specialty clinic that provides weight loss, anti-aging, and natural health services including naturopathic treatments to complement your well-being.

About our team

We are certified estheticians, naturopathic and medical doctors. By using the best technology on the market and innovative techniques, we offer a wide range of services to obtain impressive, quick, lasting and sustainable results. We continually invest in our education and technology to always offer you the best results at the best price in the Montreal area.

About our Services

Ideal Body Clinic offers a wide range of non-surgical aesthetic treatments to lift and rejuvenate your face, improve your skin condition, remove cellulite, treat acne, reduce body fat, and many more to look and feel younger. Most of the treatments at our aesthetic clinics are covered by private insurance plans under massotherapy and/or naturopathy. Prices vary depending on the number of treatments taken.

Request a free consultation—no strings attached!

At our 3 medical spa clinics in the Montreal area, our trained physicians and nurses combine a variety of dermal fillers and aesthetic treatments to fade wrinkles, improve your body, and rejuvenate aging skin. Book a free consultation with a specialist to discuss your goals and treatment options!