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Biophora Products

Biophora ProductsBiophora Products

Are you curious about how to enhance you daily beauty routine? What are the options available to you? Well Ideal body offers products you can purchase in order for you to obtain the ideal skin you wish to have.

The Biophora products offer options such as, cleansers, skin conditioners, Exfoliators, correctives, Moisturizers, Eyecare #creams, Protectants and Masks.

Biophora cleansing products gently remove makeup and debris while maintaining the skin’s normal pH balance to leave the skin feeling supple and looking refreshed.

Biophora conditioning products loosen stubborn skin debris leaving the complexion perfectly clean, with a revitalized appearance and prepped for beneficial ingredients from subsequent product use.

Biophora exfoliators contain key ingredients that help to slough dead skin cells assisting in brightening and refining the appearance of the complexion. Whether targeted to normal, oily or sensitive skin conditions, Biophora exfoliators safely but effectively encourage the healthy look of clear, youthful, well-functioning skin.

Biophora corrective products help to refine the appearance of aging and sun exposed skin. Key ingredients assist the skin to look brighter, more refined in tone, texture and firmness.

Biophora moisturizers are designed for use after the skin is conditioned so that their range of active antioxidant and nourishing properties, botanicals and emollients which synergistically promote tissue-binding, firming, plumping and healing may be effectively delivered.

Biophora protectants prevent skin’s exposure to elements that may damage the skin or compromise its health, whether sun or environmental factors, bacteria or moisture loss. Use of the protectant, Biophora Daily Protection SPF30 is a mandatory component of the Biophora system, while other protectants assist in maintaining moisture balance and bacteriareduction.

Biophora eye care is formulated to gently plump, refine and smooth the delicate tissue around the eyearea for a more rested and youthful appearance.

Biophora masks provide active state-of-the-art ingredients that further eradicate skin debris and the build-up of dead cells as well as prepare the skin for the application of nourishing ingredients. Using Biophora masks results in pore refinement, diminishing of redness and irritation and obvious and immediate revitalization of the skin’s appearance.

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