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Body sculpting

Body sculpting

A range of body treatments especially designed to firm, tone and tighten the skin.
(We offer 10% discount on courses of 6)Ionithermie-Detox

It is a unique anti-cellulite and detox treatment which works to reduce cellulite and toxin deposits from the stomach, thighs and buttocks for women and the stomach for men. You will lose 3-8 inches of external toxins in one session. Ionithermie is now used in Europe as a non-surgical, pain-free alternative to liposuction.
90 min $140
Package of 4 $400

Mini Ionithermie-Detox
30 min $40

Micronized Marine Algae Detoxifying wrap
60 min $90

Detoxifying and slimming, marine seaweed is the best way to detoxify and kick starts the body for the removal of toxins without having to orally take supplements. Choose as a course for advanced results and alongside massage.

Thalgo Mince Wrap (6 sessions course)
Target soft and hard cellulite with a revolutionary active ingredient which stimulates and re-programs adipocyte cells. We suggest this treatment for stomach, hips, saddlebags and knees.
60 min $90 each

Thalgo Frigi (6 sessions course)
A cold treatment designed for soft/early signs of cellulite, perfect for, tired, heavy painful legs and swelling. This is not recommended for sensitive guests.
60 min $90 each

Slim and Sculpt Expert (6 sessions course)
This revolutionary expert fitness massage with slimming and firming body wrap targets stubborn cellulite, under the combination of the fitness massage and active ingredients, the figure is remodelled and cellulite is visibly diminished.
120 min $140 each


Lipomassage by endermologie® is alternative to liposuction and it is a non-surgical solution for stubborn fat. This treatment increases lymphatic drainage and microcirculation by 400 times.

  • Cellulite reduction
  • Body sculpting
  • Skin firming
  • Pain relief
  • Varicose vein reduction

1 Treatment $95
10 Treatments $850 ($ 85 each)
20 Treatments $1,500 ($ 75 each)
30 Treatments $2,100 ($ 70 each)
Endermowear bodysuit
$45 +Tax

Body Optimizer

This treatment is great to reduce cellulite, remove extra fat and increase circulation

60m $60
30min $30
1 treatment $50(30 min.)
Package of 10 $400 ($40 each treatment)

This treatment provides soft relaxation, removes anxiety, muscular pain and improves the blood circulation in the whole body.


Reduce inches and cellulite with revolutionary laser technology.
Treatments are performed on problem areas only.
1 treatment $180
Package of 4 $480 ($120 each treatment)


(Combination of Ultrasound Cavitation and Radiofrequency)
Everyone has unwanted fat that even diet and exercise won’t remove.
Radiofrequency and ultrasound technology can do what hard work can’t using safe, focused combination of radiofrequency and ultrasound to break down troublesome fat deposits and, as studies have shown, reduce your body’s circumference by up to 10 cm.
Also tones and tightens loose skin.
1 treatment (20 min) $175
1 treatment (40 min) $350
Package of 4 $800 ($200 each treatment of 40 min)

Ultrasound Cavitation

The purpose and action of this equipment is to reduce and redistribute the subcutaneous fat with a lipoclastic action that occurs as a result of the explosion of the micro-bubbles produced by the cavitations of the water present (edema) and a lipolytic action. It is a comfortable, painless, and woundless during the treatment and suitable for all kinds of skin.


  • Adopt the top ultrasonic liposuction technique in the word.
  • Suitable for all skin types.
  • Comfortable, painless, woundless during the treatment.
  • Easy operation, easy study.
  • Non-aesthetic.
  • No ruggedness.
  • No bleeding and bruise.
  • No side effects, good effects, no rebounding phenomenon.
  • Woundless, will not influence the normal working and living.


Intensive physical lipolysis to remove surplus fat.
Burn surplus fat, Lymphatic Treatment, skin tightening, improve skin elasticity.

  • Body shaping, fat dissolving, repel the cellulite.
  • Promote tissue metabolism.

1 treatment of one body part $120
Package of 4 $400 ($100 each)
1 treatment of two body parts $240
Package of 4 $800 ($200 each)

Cool Sculpting

Cool Sculpting is a safe and effective treatment offered by Ideal body clinic in Montreal. The treatment freezes away fat cells using a scientifically developed process known as Cryolipolysis (“Cryo” define as cold, “lipo” define as fat cells, and “lysis” referring to cell death.) During the treatment, the Cool Sculpting applicator exposes a fat deposit, such as a love handle, to precisely controlled cooling.
This cooling chills fat cells to the point of destruction without harming the skin or surrounding tissue. Once fat cells are chilled, they rupture, triggering the lymphatic system to naturally collect and process the destroyed fat cells out of the body. Once the body excretes fat cells in the form of waste, those cells cannot return or grow back – resulting in long-term fat reduction.
Body regions where CoolSculpting is considered safe and effective for removing minor fat deposits include:

• Abdomen
• Thighs
• under the chin or upper neck
• flanks
• under the armpit
• back
• buttocks and under the buttocks
Visit Ideal Body Clinic clinic in Montreal, we are located in Monkland, Sherbrooke and Chateauguay.
Get 4 cycles of Coolsculpting for only $2, 400.