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Capilia Trichology

Ideal body clinic is proud the introduce Capilia Trichology which is the study of the scalp and hair in health disease and is considered as a branch of Dermatology. The vitality of your hair is directly linked to the health of your scalp and its follicles. When an aliment is present or the environment in which the follicles grow is not optimal, treatment should be in realm of trichology, rather than with hair styling products that are mainly designed for the appearance of the hair strands.

Our specialists are trained in hair and scalp biology and disorders, and as such are able to advise on, diagnose and treat hair loss, problems of the scalp, and hair breakage and damage. In other words, our specialists can properly assess the problem and determine a plan of action for your individual case. Along with our hair restoration treatment such as PRP, Micro needling and much more.

At Ideal body clinic we have different solutions for you. You don’t have to suffer from hair thinning and loss anymore. Our clinic offers a wide range of treatments, in the form of targeted programs, to meet the different needs of our customers’ hair and scalp. These cares are provided in salon by technicians trained in hair and scalp health using proven methods and products formulated from 100% natural active ingredients.

Our different treatments can target hair thinning or hair loss, oily scalp and hair, dandruffs, symptoms of various scalp ailments or simply global hair and scalp health and include residue on the scalp treatments, intense hair treatment, bacterial soak, moisturizing bath, dry scales, oily scales, excess sebum, hair thinning, hair loss, pattern baldness treatments and much more. 

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