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Complete face lift blog

Ideal Body Clinic presents to you the complete non- surgical, non-invasive face lift trio!

How do we do it?


Fotona 4D – This treatment is a combination of intra-oral, skin tightening, hot sculpting and micro laser peel that helps improve imperfections such as skin laxity, lines, wrinkles, loss of volume, and uneven facial tone. It strengthens existing collagen and stimulates production of new collagen which results in tightness and increased elasticity of your skin. There is no downtime and you can continue your daily activities right after treatment.


Botox- Unlike regular Botox that is injected into the muscle to prevent its contraction, this Botox is slightly diluted and injected into the skin. By injecting Botox directly into the skin, pores contract and reduce in size causing the surface area of the skin to tighten. The result is a lifting effect that last for months – like a non-surgical facelift effect. Results are noticeable within a week and continue to improve in the following weeks to months thereafter. 


Fillers- Last but not least, this procedure will help fill in unwanted wrinkles, add volume, increase collagen production and add elasticity to your skin in the most natural way.

This iconic trio is a must-have for anyone who is looking for that soft, natural and surgery free face-lift.