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Coolsculpting vs LPG

Permanent and semi-permanent solutions offered by Ideal Body to loose stubborn fat!

Summer is just around the corner and you want to show your body!!! Ideal body is full of permanent or semi-permanent solutions for you!

If you want to remove fat cell permanently try our new coolsculpting treatment! Coolsculpting freeze the fat cells and kill them for good with very little downtime and no surgery!!!!  Belkyra is another great treatment that get rid of that suborn fat for good and is usually use for the neck area!

Liposuction is also an intervention that is definitive but that request surgery (Ideal Body does not practice this intervention).

Now, for the semi-permanent solutions Ideal Body offers great non-invasive treatments like Lipomassages, lipolazer and slimmwave (those treatment shred the cells but don’t remove them)!

Combined with healthy diet, exercise and our awesome packages treatments you will rock your bikini on the beach this summer!