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Hyperhidrosis is a condition that the person experiences excessive sweating. The sweating can affect one specific area, like hands, feet, underarms, etc., or the whole body.

Although it is not life-threatening, it can be uncomfortable and cause embarrassment and psychological trauma.

Signs and symptoms of hyperhidrosis may include:

  • Clammy or wet palms of the hands
  • Clammy or wet soles of the feet
  • Frequent sweating
  • Noticeable sweating that soaks through clothing

People with hyperhidrosis might experience the following:

  • Irritating and painful skin problems, such as fungal or bacterial infections
  • Reluctant to make physical contact
  • Self-conscious
  • Socially withdrawn, sometimes leading to depression
  • Spend a large amount of time each day dealing with sweat, such as changing clothes, wiping, placing napkins or pads under the arms, washing, wearing bulky, or dark clothes
  • Worry more than other people about body odor

There is a very simple and effective solution to Hyperhidrosis, Botox is injected into the problem area. When Botox is placed near the sweat glands, perspiration is greatly reduced.

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