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JetPeel – Transdermal treatment

What is JetPeel

JetPeel is the newest innovation in non-invasive skincare, offering a needle-free, pain free solution for serious skincare. Patented technology using pressurized oxygen, accelerates a jet stream of liquid micro-droplets, creating tiny microchannels in the skin to deliver nutrients down to the dermal layer. Each JetPeel treatment includes lymphatic drainage, exfoliation, and a customized infusion of natural, bioactive skin nutrients to address specific skin conditions, providing visible results with no downtime or skin irritation.



It is the most advanced transdermal facial without the use of needles or direct contact. It involves a 3 step treatment that will detox/lymphatic massage-exfoliates-infuses jet solutions straight into the dermis with high speed and pressurized air. The sterile handpiece breaks the fluid into micro-sized droplets. This technology is ideal for all skin types and of any age if you’re looking to restore the “glow” to your skin or a non-invasive approach as anti-wrinkle procedure and to treat or correct a medical condition. This is the perfect skin booster for face, neck, chest, scalp treatment for hair loss and more. And the jet solutions or medical grade serums include peptides, antioxidants, Vit-C, HA, (PRP) , growth factors protein , muscle relaxers (like Botox), rosacea, acne solutions and much more.

The Process

The JetPeel process is simple, and chemical-free. It uses Jet solutions in combination with pressurized air, along with a proprietary hand-piece that breaks the solution into micro-sized droplets. The results are a comfortable and soothing facial exfoliation, that improves the skin texture and hydration levels. Treatments range between 15-45 minutes. With no irritation or redness, you will be able to return to your daily activities immediately.

How soon can you see results?

Visible results can be seen after one treatment, with continued improvement over several sessions.