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Looking to get rid of scars?

Looking to get rid of scars?
Here are some solutions that are offered in IDEAL BODY CLINIC:

MICRONEEDLING: At ideal body we use an electronic pen that creates micro channels in the skin. These channels allow the penetration of active ingredients. This absorption of active ingredients by the skin stimulates the natural reproduction of collagen, and accelerates the resurfacing of the skin. Perfect for: stretch marks and acne scars.

By combining two complementary wavelengths, FOTONA’s ND: YAG and Er: YAG lasers are perfect for treating different types of scars. The ND: YAG laser is from FOTONA reaching the deepest layers of the skin, while the ER: YAG laser is ideal for treating superficial imperfections. The ideal body specialists will use the FOTONA laser to improve the aesthetics and quality of scar tissue by reducing redness, volume and overall appearance.

Perfect for: Acne scars

Hypertrophic scars


MESOTHERAPY: is a medical technique that involves injecting drugs into the deep layer of the skin of the targeted area. Injections can be done manually or with an electronic injector. Perfect for: Stretch marks (even white) and post operative scars.

Treatment with HYALURONIC ACID: Some recessed scars can be attenuated by injections directly into the scar. Hyaluronic acid has a supply of volume so by filling the scar it will make almost invisible.

At Ideal Body we use an anesthetized cream to make your treatments NON PAINFUL. Make an appointment for a free consultation, the Ideal Body Clinic specialists will help you choose the best treatment or combination of treatments for your case. Contact us: 514-998-0998 or