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Problem: Pigmentation and sun damage

Problem: Pigmentation and sun damage

1 Microdermabrasion: the moving Diamond head physically removes the upper layer of the epidermis preparing skin for light gently uses a crystal exfoliation technique which is a fast and easy way to help maintain beautiful skin and reduces dark spots and sun damaged skin.

2 IPL (intense pulsed light) This procedure treats sun spots and other forms of skin discoloration targeting upper layer of dermis where melanin is located and removing brown spots; capillaries; IPL reduces these discolorations and makes the skin tone more even and bright.

3. Chemical peel: chemically targets toper layer of the dermis removing brown spots; closes large pores; regenerates the skin. It is the process of removing the outer dull, dry layer of skin to reveal newer, brighter even skin chemical peels provide a variety of benefits, including: Unclogging pores, refining skin texture, softening fine lines and reducing acne breakouts