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Teosyal Pen

Why Suffer in the Name of Beauty?
An injection that results in less pain, less swelling and minimal bruising? Yes Please! There is no need to suffer in the name of beauty… we are proud to introduce new, Automated Gentle Injections with the TEOSYAL®PEN
TEOSYAL®PEN is the first cordless, motorized hyaluronic acid (juvederm or teosyal) injection system that allows us to elevate precision, with minimal discomfort and downtime for your best looking results!
Everything is controlled electronically, allowing the doctor to focus on your results rather than the manual pressure required by conventional syringes. TEOSYAL®PEN has also been designed for precision in delicate areas, opening up new possibilities for your beauty regimen.
An Accurate Tool for More Natural Results*

TEOSYAL®PEN allows your injectable practitioner to be more precise .The volume and injection speed are programmed by your injectable practitioner, according to the requirements of the specific area to be treated. Using the TEOSYAL®PEN, the filler is injected in a precise, homogeneous flow. Bringing to your practice the best results and patient experience!

Automated Gentle Injections = Faster Recovery*

With a conventional syringe, the doctor must push the plunger to insert the gel. This applied pressure is often uneven, resulting in a more painful experience for the patient.

TEOSYAL®PEN brings a new level of comfort and was designed to be gentle, consistent and virtually

Afterwards, you can quickly resume normal activities, such as going back to work the same day.

This medical device is a regulated health product bearing the CE marking (CE 0434), under this regulation.
* Kantar Health. The European TEOSYAL®PEN trial included 30 physicians and 236 patients. 42 patients had never received manual injection with a hyaluronic acid (juvederm or teosyal)-based filler. Report N°40HB64. 2014.
** Internal data TEOXANE. The European TEOSYAL®PEN trial. 2014.
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