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Weight loss treatments at ideal body Clinic !

Our #LipoLaser technology is a great non-invasive treatment that was designed to specifically target subcutaneous fat, reducing the appearance of #cellulite, resulting in #inch loss and #body contouring by using a combination of #ultrasound cavitation and #radiofrequency technology.

#Lipomassage is a #body contouring treatment that refers to a mechanical stimulation that is performed by our #certified technicians. It is a touch-roll massage accompanied by a delicate suction of the skin, which stimulates the fat cells that specialize in the storage of fat and lipids and cells of the dermis which ensure consistency and flexibility. This type of stimulation creates a reaction from the fat cells which can then eliminate unwanted residue. Therefore, Lipomassage helps destocking localized fat, drain excess water, firm contours, reshape volumes and smooth the appearance of cellulite on treated areas.

#Ultrasound Cavitation is a relatively new aesthetic # treatment. How does it work? With the combination of #ultrasound and cavitation, fat cells are converted into a substance that is eliminated through the urinary and lymphatic systems. This is a great treatment if you are looking to #drop a few pounds or #lose a few inches in a specific area since the procedure is focused on a single body part for 20–40 minutes. #Lipocavitation is also good for #cellulite reduction. Most clients start to see a difference in as little as 3 treatments!

Try our legendary #HCG diet! It is more advanced than other #weight loss programs because it boosts the metabolism and keeps you from feeling hungry while you are following a regimen that is specifically created for you by our #naturopath. The hcg diet may be combined with weight loss treatments like #Ultrasound cavitation or #lipolaser to help increase the effect and help you reach your goal weight faster!

Looking to lose a few pounds? You are in luck!

At #ideal body clinic we offer a variety of weight loss aiding services such as #Lipocativation,# LPG, #Slimwave and #hot sculpting. Effective on their own, these treatments can be combined with our low carb high protein diet supplements which will help you boost your immune system and start shedding pounds quicker. #Proti Diet has proven itself throughout the years to work wonders for our clients. A weekly weight-in and follow up is required to keep track of your progress.

Proti Diet Food supplements can be purchased in store or ordered online and shipped right to your door!

With a large variety of choices for every person's individual taste, rest assured that these supplements will keep you satiated.

For more information, call us at 514 998 0998 to book an appointment for a dietary consultation with our #naturopath and start your weight loss journey right away!