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Looking for a way to lose weight,sculpt your body and remove cellulite? Here is a solution for you:

At Ideal body clinic Montreal, you can follow a weigh loss program by combining Slimwave, Lipomassage and Lipolaser. With this program you can release the fat cells, sculpt the body and make it firmer and smoother.

During the Slimwave session you feel your muscles contract and work, which is the same as an intense workout session at the gym.

 Lipomassage is performed using a mechanical stimulation that performs a massage accompanied by lymphatic drainage that works on fat cells. Lipomassage endermologie montreal helps remove fat, drain excess water and smooth the appearance of cellulite.

 Lipolaser it’s a light frequency technology that penetrates the skin and gets absorbed by the fat cells which makes them smaller and easier to eliminate.

 Follow our recommendations at Ideal body Montreal and receive the best results.

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