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Nelly for Acne !

Are you tired of battling with acne? Did you know acne is a common skin condition, many suffer from it, fortunately Ideal Body has many solutions to this problem. Ideal body clinic offers many options from the Nelly De Vuyst care line, introduce them to your daily skin care routine. Take a look!

Acne is known to be a skin condition where the combination of dead skin cell and excess sebum clog the pores and are eventually the cause of pimples, papules, and black heads on your skin. The products that are offered are: Micellar Foam BioAcne, Cleansing Gel BioAcne, Mask BioAcne, pH Toner BioAcne, Purifying Gel BioAcne, Serum BioAcne and Purifying Mask. These products all can enhance the appearance of your skin, making it smooth, bright, and flawless! Don’t Hesitate and contact us!

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