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A Botox Facelift is an innovative procedure whereby diluted amounts of Botox are injected in very small amounts directly into the dermis, or skin, to increase collagen stimulation and firming. The result is a lifting and tightening effect over the whole face.

By injecting Botox directly into the skin (and not muscle), pores contract and reduce in size causing the surface area of the skin to tighten. The result is a lifting effect that last for months – like a non-surgical facelift effect. Additionally, injecting intradermal Botox into the lower part of the face close to the jawline cancels some of the downward pull of the platysma muscle, conveying a lifting effect to the cheeks and jowls.

Not only does a Botox Facelift lift and tighten the skin, but pores are minimized, skin texture is evened out and the lower face is slimmed. The overall look is fresh and youthful in a natural way that doesn’t compromise facial expression.

Results are noticeable within a week and continue to improve in the following weeks to months thereafter.