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NEW! Fotona Laser Hair Restoration System

Ideal Body clinic is proud to introduce our new Fotona Laser Hair Restoration System

How does it work?

Totally safe, painless, and FDA-approved, Fotona laser hair restoration therapy is a new innovative laser technology that will help you get your confidence back by increasing blood flow in the scalp and stimulating metabolism resulting in the production of hair growth.

Hair loss can affect a person at any age. Sometimes it is caused by genetics, other times it can be caused by health issues such as hormonal disbalance, lack of vitamins or even stress.

Regardless of the issue, we can help.

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Book a free consultation with our naturopath today and we can help you understand the root of your hair loss problem as well as get you on the right track to treat and fix it.


1 treatment for $350

4 treatments each for $250 (total of $1000)