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Organic Treatments


Paramedical treatments


[accordion title=”Natural Dead Sea salt scrub” visible=”yes”]
Full body exfoliation with Dead Sea salt leaves the skin feeling brand new and refreshed.
25min. 60$
[accordion title=”Relaxing mud wrap”]
Let yourself be wrapped in lashings of mud and rest while the mud works its magic.
50min. 60$
[accordion title=”Indulging mud wrap”]
This includes a foot and ankle massage whilst being cocooned in the mud.
50min. 75$
[accordion title=”Exceptional mud wrap”]
Includes a revitalising scalp massage, foot and ankle massage along with a pressure points facial massage.
50mins. 90$
[accordion title=”Infrared blanket mud wrap”]
Choose from natural, herbal or anti-cellulite mud and be enveloped in a warm infrared bed that is designed to gently alleviate your aching joints and muscles. The mixture of Dead Sea minerals and relaxing herbs help remove toxins; improve blood circulation, moisturize and firm the skin.
60mins. 90$
[accordion title=”Coconut body exfoliation”]
Exfoliate your body with the nourishing coconut products.
30mins. 60$
[accordion title=”Chocolate body treatment”]
Leave your skin polished, soft and smooth.
30mins. 90$
[accordion title=”Seaweed-algae body treatment”]
Help detoxify the body with this seaweed-algae treatment.
60mins. 90$
[accordion title=”Detox massage with Chinese herbs”]
Improve your health naturally by detoxifying your body with Chinese herbs, following ancient Chinese recipes.
20mins. 60$
[accordion title=”Dead Sea stone massage”]
Relax with a specific back, neck and shoulder massage using hot and cold stones.
25mins. 35$
[accordion title=”Thai herbal massage”]
Herbal stems are traditional massage tools used in Thailand since ancient times. It is a treatment that incorporates elements of Swedish relaxation massage, stretching techniques and Thai massage movements. Disposable stems are moistened and steamed before being gently rolled over the targeted areas.
45mins. 70$
[accordion title=”Healing mud facial”]
This treatment will leave your skin clean, exfoliated, smooth and fresh.
90mins. 100$
[accordion title=”Algomega warm treatment”]
Special nourishing facial care recommended for dry skin.
60mins. 100$
[accordion title=”Cleopatra facial”]
Indulge yourself as Cleopatra did and let the rich ingredients from the Dead Sea unveil your natural beauty.
45mins. 120$
[accordion title=”European facial”]
Face cleaning followed by extraction, topped off with a mask to leave your face feeling fresh.
60mins. 80$

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