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Russian Lips injections

Filling lips with  “Russian style” is a revolutionary technique that will give you a very contemporary look, without “duck lips”! Thanks to this new technique, the lateral profiles of your lips will remain beautifully balanced! By adding additional volume in the body of the lip without risk of product migration (product sitting above the lip).

The process consists of placing tiny filling droplets, injected vertically into the lip, relative to the filling lines under the border. This technique widens, lifts and opens the body of the lips creating a completely natural look!

The process is absolutely painless. There are fewer entry points used and only one at the border (that’s where the sensitivity comes from), so the pain is really minimized.

This treatment will be suitable for anyone who has not already experienced lip fillers, the Russian technique is highly recommended and can be performed as naturally or as structured as necessary. For those who have already had a filling agent, the decision is whether you want to withdraw this product, because the withdrawal is mandatory 2 weeks before your appointment!

The effect will last the same time as your usual lip fillers, it is not the product that is different, it is the technique!