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Threads lift & Fillers

How to treat facial volume loss due to age, stress or genetic? If you are looking for a way of rejuvenation of the face and the body without going through a surgery, but that the results are as effective, we now offer at Ideal Body Clinic a new technique called Threads lift & Fillers.

Why combine Threads lift & Fillers? Fillers allow threads to adhere better to tissues. For example, a client with very pronounced nasolabial folds, drooping skin and jowls, could use fillers combined with treads. However, the skin which becomes tighter following a thread lift, it does nothing to combat skin than has thinned and lost volume with age. Dermal fillers such as Juviderm and Teosyal are necessary for this task to restore volume to the skin. You could find yourself much younger in a natural way. The two techniques complements each other and gives fabulous and long last results.

It is a good alternative to surgery, results last 1-2 years and obviously it is cheaper and less painful than a surgical facelift. As well as no down time. Also the procedure is so safe that we can repeat it after 2-3 years when the old threads are absorbed by the skin.

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